Table Sizes

There’s no simple way in SQL Server to see the sizes of all the tables and their indexes.  Even seeing a single table’s size through SSMS can take a while.  The solution below is grabbed from statistics, so there’s no guarantee you’re getting exact numbers.  However, exact numbers don’t tend to matter, as you care more that the table is about 1 GB, not that it’s exactly 998 MB.

There are variations of this code floating all over the place, and I tweaked the results to be in the easiest to read format possible.

The only issue I have with this script is that you have to scroll to the next-to-the-last line to filter which tables it’s pulling. Yes, I’m picky, and I don’t like to scroll to see things that change.

SELECT Database_ID = DB_ID()
    , Database_Name = DB_NAME()
    , Schema_Name =
    , TableName =
    , TableSize_MB = (a1.reserved + ISNULL(a4.reserved,0)) / 128
    , RowCounts = a1.rows
    , DataSize_MB = / 128
    , IndexSize_MB = (CASE WHEN (a1.used + ISNULL(a4.used,0)) > 
                        THEN (a1.used + ISNULL(a4.used,0)) - 
                        ELSE 0 
                    END) /128
    , Free_MB = (CASE WHEN (a1.reserved + ISNULL(a4.reserved,0)) > a1.used 
                        THEN (a1.reserved + ISNULL(a4.reserved,0)) - a1.used 
                        ELSE 0 
                    END) / 128
FROM (SELECT ps.object_id
            , [rows] = SUM(CASE
                                WHEN (ps.index_id < 2) THEN row_count
                                ELSE 0
            , reserved = SUM(ps.reserved_page_count)
            , data = SUM(CASE
                            WHEN (ps.index_id < 2) 
                                THEN (ps.in_row_data_page_count + ps.lob_used_page_count + ps.row_overflow_used_page_count)
                            ELSE (ps.lob_used_page_count + ps.row_overflow_used_page_count)
            , used = SUM (ps.used_page_count) 
        FROM sys.dm_db_partition_stats ps
        GROUP BY ps.object_id) AS a1
    INNER JOIN sys.all_objects a2  ON a1.object_id = a2.object_id
    INNER JOIN sys.schemas a3 ON a2.schema_id = a3.schema_id
    LEFT JOIN (SELECT it.parent_id
            , reserved = SUM(ps.reserved_page_count)
            , used = SUM(ps.used_page_count)
        FROM sys.dm_db_partition_stats ps
            INNER JOIN sys.internal_tables it ON it.object_id = ps.object_id
        WHERE it.internal_type IN (202,204)
        GROUP BY it.parent_id) AS a4 ON a4.parent_id = a1.object_id
WHERE a2.type <> 'S' and a2.type <> 'IT'
    --AND IN ('spt_values')
ORDER BY a1.reserved desc